Materials recycling facility (MRF)

All your mixed recyclables, mixed glass and construction waste can be sorted into the individual materials at one of our materials recycling facilities.

Sometimes space, time and cost make it difficult to separate all waste materials in all types of businesses. To enable high levels of recycling and reduction in waste going to landfill all these materials can be mixed at source and then separate at a materials recycling facility. Picking lines, magnetic plates and lasers for separating plastics all work together to sort through and separate recyclables and general waste. For construction waste the process is similar but called a 'Dirty MRF' where, brick, solid, metal and wood is sorted into their individual materials to increase recycling rates.

Process of a Materials Recycling Facility

Materials Recycling Facility
Materials Recycling Facility
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dry mixed recycling

By mixing paper, plastic bottles, cans and tins all in one container this can save space and make recycling a little easier.

Construction Waste Recycling

Wood, metal, hardcore, soil and plasterboard can all be segregated and recycled with our construction waste recycling service.

waste container options

See our full range of containers available for each service.