recycling services

dry mixed recycling

By mixing paper, plastic bottles, cans and tins all in one container this can save space and make recycling a little easier.

Paper & Cardboard

One of the most popular and well known recycling services is paper & cardboard, as every business produces this.

Food Waste Recycling

For organisations that produce high quantities of food waste this service is ideal as it can save you money as well as increase your recycling statistics.

WEEE Recycling

Under the UK WEEE Regulations 2006 all business must recycle all of their electronic and electrical waste items.

Mixed Glass Recycling

Due to their weight and density, the more glass bottles you remove from general waste for recycling the more money you save.

Wood Recycling

Our wood recycling service caters for all discarded wooden items: broken furniture, wooden pallets and crates, construction wood and timber.

Construction Waste Recycling

Wood, metal, hardcore, soil and plasterboard can all be segregated and recycled with our construction waste recycling service.

Common Consumables

Select provide a compliant service for for collection and recycling of all types of batteries, toners and fluorescent tubes.