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For the safe collection and compliant transportation of hazardous waste, qualified advice must be sought out and correct labeling must be applied to each hazardous waste package.

All hazardous waste substances have a different state (liquid, gas or solid) and have each have specific characteristics such as ‘flammable liquid’. These states and hazards enable our qualified DGSA and fully trained operates to assess the risks and provide you with the safest and most suitable containers/packaging, complete with labeling.

The labeling on each container or package is crucial to the safety of your staff, the public and our staff. Transportation legislation ensures that we correctly identify the waste we are collecting for disposal (labeling and documentation) to minimise the risk to people and the environment should an unlikely accident occur.

hazardous waste advice and packaging service

From the very start of your enquiry our trained staff are here to help your business safely dispose of your hazardous waste. You may have your own qualified staff that can provide a list of the hazardous waste materials or you may not know where to start; either way we can provide you with as much assistance as you need.

For large quantities of hazardous waste our fully trained DGSA can visit your site to help identify each waste and create a fully audit list of the items required for disposal. Following this the relevant UN-approved containers will be supplied complete with labeling for the waste to be placed into. Before your or our own staff handles any of hazardous wastes, the waste must be correctly identified and the proper risk assessments have been carried out. Our own staff (if required) can also carry out this part of the process.

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Custom packaging

Packaging to suit all waste types.

ADR labels

ADR labels

Packaging & transportation labels.

Walk-in storage container

Enclosed Lockable REL

12.2m Walk-in storage container.

bespoke hazardous waste containers

All of our hazardous chemical and waste containers are of the highest specification (UN-type approved), helping to reduce the risk of spillages and contamination during hazardous waste collection.

Our range of containers and packaging all come with the relevant hazardous identification labels. Bespoke packaging can also be provided for unique types of hazardous waste. Circumstances may include containers that do not react to the waste or chemical. In addition to UN-type approved kegs and drums, we can also supply larger on-site storage solutions for all types of hazardous waste collection.

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If you not sure on what types of waste you have, how to list them or pack them; then our in-house dangerous goods safety advisor can assist you.