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Waste is generated by every organisation, from small and medium sized businesses to schools, hospitals and large corporations. We provide general waste management solutions to meet the specific needs of your organisation.

At Select Environmental Services we understand that each of our clients has a unique requirement for the containment, collection and licensed disposal of their general business waste. Our container range includes small wheeled containers such as the 1100 litre, through to large skips, RELs and rolonofs. Whatever your requirement, we offer a full range of containers and service options to suit your business as part of our general waste management services.

With Select you can be assured that we deliver a high quality, legally compliant and competitively priced general waste management service to suit your specific requirements.

general waste collection

We take pride in our business and the services we provide. All our containers are of the highest quality and are kept clean and maintained, as is our entire fleet of vehicles, delivering one of the cleanest waste management services in the UK. General waste collections can be as frequent as you need with as many containers as you require. Our waste consultants will determine what containers or sacks best meet your needs and a refuse collection schedule will be agreed. Should your level of waste increase, you have the option of increasing the frequency of collection, or requesting additional containers.

general waste disposal

Our approach to waste disposal is efficient, cost effective and flexible, allowing you the freedom to choose how your waste is disposed. For example, we offer a Zero Waste option so you can be sure that your waste disposal methods do not result in refuse going to landfill; we also offer prepaid trade waste vouchers that can be directly applied to your waste disposal sacks before collection; and our huge variety of containers means that you can dispose of a wide range of waste products safely and effectively all with one company.

popular containers

general waste 1100 litre container

Black lid 1100L container

h:1295mm x w:1260mm x d:1120mm

REL container

REL container

Available in 7.6m or 10.7m capacity.

General waste sacks

Pre-paid general waste sacks

Supplied in boxes of 100.

general waste containers

Select can supply all the containers you require for the disposal of general waste. External containers are included within your service level agreement, however internal containers and recycling stations can be supplied at an additional fee. For external use, we provide 240, 360, 660 and 1100 litre wheeled containers. Most commonly, the 1100 litre container is selected and paired up with an 1100 litre dry mixed recycling and paper & cardboard container. For high-volume producers of general waste we can supply an REL (Rear End Loader) container. All of our general waste containers are colour coded with a black lid and clearly labeled with the waste description.

To discuss your waste solution please call Select on 0118 975 9000

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recycling containers

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Landfill Disposal

All waste that cannot be recycled (classed as residual waste or general waste) must be either incinerated or sent to a landfill site.


Divert your general waste from landfill to an Energy-from-Waste facility that produces green electricity for homes and businesses.