paper and cardboard recycling

Paper and cardboard is a commonly segregated waste stream in popular demand for separate collection and recycling.

Select make it very easy to separate your paper & cardboard from your general waste with a range of internal and external containers, prepaid sacks and vouchers, in-addition to our flexible scheduled collection service. Any quantity of paper and cardboard waste your business produces, Select can deliver a unique solution that makes the segregation, collection and recycling of your paper & cardboard a simple process.

This method of paper & cardboard recycling delivers impressive results and reduces your waste management costs the more recyclables removed from general waste for landfill. As landfill tax rises you will continue to save more money year-on-year.

paper & cardboard collection service

Our paper & cardboard recycling solution is a contracted, scheduled service where we can collect your recyclables on a daily, weekly or fortnightly basis. Should the quantity of your recyclables increase, you can either request additional containers or increase the collection frequency. All documentation, waste transfer notes and duty of care are included within your service level agreement; complying with the Waste Regulations 2011 (England and Wales). For companies seeking statistics for their recycling, we recommend taking advantage of our environmental reports and pay-by-weight options.

popular containers

paper & cardboard recycling 1100 litre container

Blue lid 1100L container

h:1295mm x w:1260mm x d:1120mm

REL container

REL container

Available in 7.6m or 10.7m capacity.

recycling vouchers

Pre-paid recycling vouchers

Supplied in books of 50.

paper & cardboard recycling containers

For internal office paper and cardboard recycling, we can provide your business with bespoke containers for either paper amp; cardboard alone, paper for shredding or dry mixed recycling. Dry mixed recycling allows paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, drinks cans and food tins to be mixed together in one single container. Each of our paper for shredding containers has a secure lockable lid with a slot to insert your paper and documents.

For the external storage of paper and cardboard, we provide 360, 660 and 1100 litre wheeled recycling containers. These external recycling containers are emptied on regular scheduled collections suited to your requirements. For larger sheets of cardboard (typically large folded cardboard boxes) we can provide an REL (rear end loader) that is also be emptied on a scheduled basis.

prepaid sacks and vouchers

For businesses that are unable to site a container but who want to recycle paper and cardboard, we offer prepaid recycling sacks and vouchers as a practical alternative. Our sacks are industrial strength and sold in boxes of 100. Should you choose to use your own sacks, our prepaid adhesive vouchers can be stuck onto your sacks or large sheets of cardboard. Vouchers can be purchased as a book containing 50 vouchers.

To discuss your waste solution please call Select on 0118 975 9000

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recycling containers

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Materials Recycling Facility

All recyclables are sent to a materials recycling facility (MRF) where the waste will be segregated into their individual waste streams for processing.