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Selects liquid waste service can provide a cost effective disposal option in addition to protecting the environment and your business.

Liquid wastes can easily contaminate land and pollute waters, therefore need to be managed by a specialist liquid waste management company for disposal. By using the correct disposal methods our service protects the environment, the local community and your business.

Businesses generating liquid waste, must manage this waste that complies with legislation and is disposed of by a licensed waste carrier. Select provide a legally compliant and cost effective solution to managing all of your liquid waste requirements.

Liquid waste disposal service

Our experienced liquid waste managers can offer advice and schedule a convenient liquid waste removal on a frequent collection, on-demand request or emergency call out service. No matter what quantity of waste, from drums to tankers, to a fleet of tankers; Select can provide the service your require that also meet your legal obligations.

Health & Safety and environmental protection is key to success of our liquid waste service. Liquid waste spills that are not appropriately handled can harm the environment and your business. To reduce this risk our fully trained liquid waste operatives always carry spillage kits to help tackle any unlikely spillages and risk assessments are carried out regularly updated.

popular containers

small UN-type hazardous waste drum

30L UN-type drum

h:520mm x w:330mm x d:330mm

large UN-type hazardous waste drum

120L UN-type drum

h:900mm x w:560mm x d:560mm

ADR labels

ADR labels

Packaging & transportation labels.

liquid waste containers

All of our hazardous chemical and waste containers are of the highest specification (UN-type approved), helping to reduce the risk of spillages and contamination during lquid waste collection. Our range of containers and packaging all come with the relevant hazardous identification labels. In addition to UN-type approved kegs and drums, we can also supply larger on-site storage solutions for all types of hazardous waste collection.

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recycling containers

Click above to see the range of containers available for our hazarous waste disposal service.

Waste Treatment Facility

Most healthcare wastes and hazardous waste streams require treatment before their final disposal method of recycling or landfill.