onsite shredding

Onsite shredding is a unique service that offers businesses a higher level of security when shredding confidential documents.

Sometimes handing over our waste to a licensed confidential waste contractor does not give you complete peace of mind, but your business obligations force your hand. For complete peace of mind we can provide your with an on-site shredding service that is tailored to suit individual requirements. As with the rest of our confidential services, our on-site service is carried out by our very own CRB checked operatives and confidential waste is kept within secure lockable containers.

To help with your environmental impact, we send all shredded paper documents and computer equipment for recycling. On the rare accasion that the waste type cannot be recycled, it is our policy to divert the waste from landfill and send it to a recovery facility that produces energy-from-waste.

our onsite shredding vehicle

All confidential waste is shredded on your premises with our specialist shredding vehicle at a shredding rate of 1,200kgs of material per hour. This includes documents, corporate literature (paper and cardboard), ID cards, magnetic/optical media, uniforms and certain branded products. There is no dust or mess as the whole shredding process takes place within the vehicle. Noise levels are also kept to a minimum, due to the special lining of the vehicle which minimisies any disruption to your business whilst the shredding process is being carried out. A validated Certificate of Destruction is provided once all of the confidential waste has been securely destroyed.

popular containers

240L mobile data-safe

240L mobile data-safe

h:1070mm x w:580mm x d:720mm

140L mobile data-safer

140L mobile data-safe

h:1070mm x w:490mm x d:540mm

Confidential waste sacks & ties

Confidential waste sacks & ties

Supplied in boxes of 100.

document shredding containers

A flexible choice of containers are available to suit your working environment. Our wheeled 140L and 660L containers make an ideal companion for the on-site shredding service, as the containers can be wheeled quickly and quietly from each location within your premises. At no point do the documents leave the sack or container until the they are emptied into the on-site shredder.

secure sacks & ties

Should you have confidential sacks we can use an empty 240L wheeled container to collect the sacks from their locations to make the collection process more secure and easier for our operates. The sacks provide are opaque and made of a heavy-duty polyurethane material which eliminates the ability to view documents through the sack or for the sack to be easily spit.

To discuss your waste solution please call Select on 0118 975 9000

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recycling containers

Click above to see the range of containers available for our onsite shredding service.


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