chemical waste

A chemical waste solution that clearly identifies the waste, is carefully and correctly packaged; and is safely and compliantly disposed of with minimal risk to your organisation.

Health & safety legislation on chemical waste is regulated through the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (COSHH). When chemical waste is not handled or disposed of properly, your staff, public and the environment could be put at risk by its potentially corrosive, toxic, flammable or explosive nature. Proper handling of this waste first requires the identification and separation of all chemicals that may react with one another. This includes salts from acids, hypochlorite’s and hydroxides from ammonia, and oxidising substances from combustible substances.

chemical waste disposal service

Our dedicated DGSA (Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor) can help your organisation identify each chemical and carry out the segregation of each individual chemical into containers. It is important to ensure that the chemical will not react with the container material (e.g. no hydrofluoric acid in glass) and that each container is clearly labeled.

Once each chemical is segregated, each of the containers must be placed into a separate, large and tightly sealed UN-approved keg or drum to reduce the risk further. This container will also have the waste description and hazard characteristics labeled on it.

Theses containers are now safe and ready for our waste collection team to match against hazardous waste consignment note and transport to the disposal location for treatment. Each of specialist waste operatives are fully trained in the waste they are handling, precautions and the personal protective equipment required. Each of our chemical waste vehicles is equipped with ADR kits and the drivers have an ADR license that is legally required when transporting hazardous waste. This enables us to safely and correctly deal with any situations (such as leakages) should they occur when being transported.

popular containers

small UN-type hazardous waste drum

30L UN-type drum

h:520mm x w:330mm x d:330mm

large UN-type hazardous waste drum

120L UN-type drum

h:900mm x w:560mm x d:560mm

ADR labels

ADR labels

Packaging & transportation labels.

bespoke hazardous waste containers

All of our hazardous chemical and waste containers are of the highest specification (UN-type approved), helping to reduce the risk of spillages and contamination during hazardous waste collection.

Our range of containers and packaging all come with the relevant hazardous identification labels. Bespoke packaging can also be provided for unique types of hazardous waste. Circumstances may include containers that do not react to the waste or chemical. In addition to UN-type approved kegs and drums, we can also supply larger on-site storage solutions for all types of hazardous waste collection.

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Waste Treatment Facility

Most healthcare wastes and hazardous waste streams require treatment before their final disposal method of recycling or landfill.