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Take advantage of our FREE site audits to suggest waste streams for segregation, recommend suitable containers and identify the risks when carrying out the service.

As part of our commitment to provide each of clients with the very best solution for waste management, we propose that a site audit is carried out by one of our experienced Account Managers to create a waste management plan that will save you money and increase your recycling rates. There are many variables that can alter the specification of your waste management requirement. By working Select Environmental Services we can create a solution that is right for you.

waste assessment

Being a waste management company that can manage all types of waste, we can tailor a solution to suit your business needs. Within each industry there are greater quantities of specific waste streams produced; for example, waste produced by a restaurant will have a much higher food waste content than an accountant’s office.

With our site audit we can identify and suggest waste streams for segregation that will fit within your waste disposal budget and keep your recycling rates high.

container assessment

All sites are different and therefore Select provide a range of containers that suit your specification. By carrying out an audit we can point out any access issues for our vehicles, identify space saving opportunities and recommend the appropriate containers for your premises.

risk assessment

With every audit it is important to take the opportunity to identify risks to your staff members, the public and make our operatives aware of these risks and any additional risks such as overhead cables.  Other concerns that may be highlighted are access issues. Some clients prefer all waste to collect between a specific time to minimize noise and disruption to their daily activities. All this extra attention to detail helps Select continually provide a safe, reliable and high-quality service.

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