Select continue to lead the way and lift the UK into a new era of Pay-by-Weight waste management technology.

Select has made a substantial investment and created a partnership that will appoint Select as the leading waste management company to offer the most advanced Pay-by-Weight solution within the UK. Our weighing system is calibrated to the British Standards specification and is also monitored through our UKAS accreditation.

The system is made up of 3 elements; a chipped container, weighing hardware on our vehicles and software to collect, compile and communicate the data.

clever chipped containers with an identity

Each of our Pay-by-Weight containers is equipped with a unique secure RFID chip. The chip technology has become accepted in this sector due its absolute protection against manipulation and extremely high identification rates under most difficult conditions, making this first choice in container identification. Each chip has a unique ID that tells us:

  • The container owner
  • Site name
  • Address of the site
  • Invoice address
  • Container size
  • Waste type

All this information is securely stored on our database and can only be accessed by our software administrators.

advanced vehicle hardware

Our vehicles are fitted with custom designed lifts that can register the chipped container, weigh the container when lifted off the ground and weight the container again when the waste has been emptied into the vehicle. This part of the process completes the data collection, providing:

  • The waste type (e.g. dry mixed recycling)
  • The weight of the waste
  • GPS - Date and time of collection
  • Geographical co-ordinates

All this data is transmitted by radio communication (GSM/GPRS) back to our servers (real-time) allowing us to confirm that the service has been completed, and to use the data for reports and invoicing. To improve service reliability and communication with our drivers, vehicle navigation and tracking is all carried out by the same on-board system.

Should there be a problem when attempting to empty a container on a Pay-by-Weight schedule, the on-board computer will allow a manual over-ride to enter any issues regarding the collection. This includes:

  • Contaminated waste (e.g. general waste in with your paper & cardboard)
  • Access issues
  • Broken container
  • Heavy container (health & safety issues)

This information is also transmitted and highlighted to our customer service team and account managers who will get in-touch with you straight away to rectify the identified collection issues.

cutting edge weighing software

At the heart of the Pay-by-Weight system is our bespoke software that compiles all the data received from the collections and processes this data automatically to give us a price for each lift. To back-up our invoicing and enhance our environmental waste impact reports, the software can map all the collections, list the dates and times of those collections and show individual and total weights for each waste stream.

Taking this data forward into our reports enables us to provide you with 100% accurate waste management statistics, including recycling rates and the percentage of waste diverted from landfill. This high-performance software is the perfect solution for meeting the demands of the waste management sector, route planning and logistics.

To discuss your waste solution please call Select on 0118 975 9000

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