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Make the right impression with a washroom service built on quality service and products, providing excellent value-for-money.

It is important to ensure that a washroom within your premises makes a good impression to both staff and visitors. We all know how memorable a poorly serviced washroom can be. So don't settle for the cheapest solution with a poor service history and choose a company that prides themselve on quality service and products.

our washroom service implementation

The implementation of our washroom services is done at minimal inconvenience to your business but with a quality service achieved. Using our washroom and sanitary hygiene services is the first step for your business to maintain clean, safe and hygienic washroom facilities for your businesses staff and customers.

To compliment our washroom services we offer a wide selection of washroom hygiene products which in include a premium range, value range and unique products, such as the energy efficient Airforce Automatic Hand Dryer. Our high standard designer containers help maintain that sleek professional look you desire throughout your company, aswell as providing hygiene and environmental benefits.

Select are well equipped and experienced to provide first-class service as the service is managed and carried out completely in-house providing high levels of compliance and contingency from cleaning, waste collection to disposal. All services and waste collected is recorded with our state-of the-art tracking system that gives you peace-of-mind and a fully traceable waste transfer through to disposal.

To find the best solution and identify cost savings, a dedicated Account Manager can visit your site and produce a full audit of your site requirements. Once the audit is complete, we will provide and install high quality products/containers and set up a schedule for the washroom servicing and collection of waste.

Our washroom hygiene services include:

  • Full washroom services
  • Vending facilities refills
  • Sanitary hygiene disposal
  • Washroom product installation.

popular containers

Designer sanitary hygiene unit

23L designer sanitary hygiene unit

h:480mm x w:540mm x d:160mm

Airforce hand dryer

Airforce hand dryer

h:300mm x w:230mm x d:160mm

Auto Air Freshener

Designer auto air freshener

h:200mm x w:126mm x d:65mm

washroom hygiene products and containers:

  • Sanitary hygiene units
  • Airforce automatic hand dryer
  • Paper towel dispensers
  • Automated air fresheners
  • Baby changing facilities
  • Soap dispensing
  • Vending solutions.
To discuss your waste solution please call Select on 0118 975 9000

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recycling containers

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Waste Treatment Facility

Most healthcare wastes and hazardous waste streams require treatment before their final disposal method of recycling or landfill.