waste management designed
for the retail and wholesale sector

Select can manage all retail and wholesale waste streams, from general day-today business waste to bulk waste that requires secure confidential product destruction. Our experience offers a solution that ticks all the right boxes and can be tailored to each type of business when the sector, both small and large. As a licensed waste carrier with our very own transfer facility, Select can provide a service to handle any waste stream your organisation produces, giving you a total waste management solution. Common waste streams within the retail and wholesale sector include general waste, mixed recyclables, paper and cardboard, food waste, confidential waste and washroom services.

With the 2011 Waste Regulation (England and Wales) now in place it is the responsibility of all businesses to follow the waste hierarchy (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recover and Disposal). From a waste management point of view, recycling is best practice. If you are working towards UKAS ISO 14001 or maintain the standard with continual improvement, our solutions are a great way to do this.

Below is an example of a range core waste management services suited to the retail and wholesale sector:

retail and wholesale sector core services:

dry mixed recycling

All plastic bottles, clean food tins, drink cans, paper and small cardboard packaging can all be recycled together.

Paper & Cardboard

A container specifically for recycling all those large cardboard boxes from all those deliveries.

General Waste

No matter how good your intentions are, there is always going to be some residual general waste.

container solutions

As part of the reliability and quality of our collection services, Select provide the highest standard of waste containers that are fully compliant and colour-coded to meet all government waste legislation. External, colour-coded, wheeled 360L, 660L and 1100L containers are available for general waste and recyclables. Larger containers and compactors are available on request for high-volume waste producers.

To complement the external general waste and recycling containers we can also provide you with internal recycling stations that educate and make waste sorting easier.

dry mixed recycling 1100 litre container

Green lid 1100L container

h:1295mm x w:1260mm x d:1120mm

paper & cardboard recycling 1100 litre container

Blue lid 1100L container

h:1295mm x w:1260mm x d:1120mm

general waste 1100 litre container

Black lid 1100L container

h:1295mm x w:1260mm x d:1120mm

unbeatable account management

Our dedicated account managers’ work with you from the very beginning to ensure that the transition to Select and our service operates smoothly. Continued management of your account will ensure that your recycling potentials are maximized by ensuring waste is being segregated correctly. Educational posters and literature are available from Select and can be altered to meet you specific needs. All this dedication will ensure that both your environmental impact and waste management costs stay low.

Once you have witnessed the first-class solution provided by Select, we would like to offer you more waste management services with the same outstanding performance. Services include: washroom services, confidential waste, WEEE recycling, food recycling and other recycling services.

enhance your waste services

Each of our services can be enhanced with our powerful waste collection data. Through our Certified Pay-by-Weight system, we can accurately record everything about the collection of your waste, including: location, time, date, waste type and weight. Using this data we can create a monthly or annual environmental impact report that includes your recycling rate and diversion from landfill rate.

To discuss your waste solution please call Select on 0118 975 9000

service options
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Waste Hierarchy

By allowing Select to take care of the recycling, recovery and disposal of your waste, you are one step closer to becoming a greener business.

waste container options

See our full range of containers available for each service.

Materials Recycling Facility

All recyclables are sent to a materials recycling facility (MRF) where the waste will be segregated into their individual waste streams for processing.


Divert your general waste from landfill to an Energy-from-Waste facility that produces green electricity for homes and businesses.