By reducing fuel-emissions, recycling our waste, based in a new energy efficient premise and sourcing sustainable suppliers; Select are on their way to being one of the most sustainable waste management businesses within the UK.

Our goal at Select Environmental Services is to grow our business - but to grow it sustainably. Being a company that can effect change within many companies, we believe sustainability is a key element of our strategy for continued growth. Being a resource efficient, environmentally responsible company that delivers sustainability benefits for our customers can leverage commercial advantage.

With sustainability playing a key role in the company’s future, Select achieved UKAS ISO 14001 in August 2011. Using this environmental management system we have identified all aspects of environmental risk and made changes to reduce those risks.

Ultimately we aim to be a more environmental conscious business by consuming less water, energy and natural resources at our facility and emitting less by lowering vehicle emissions, having fewer releases to water, land and air from our daily operations.  We also encourage re-use of waste products and recycle within our business.

As a waste management company the biggest environmental impact is our fleet. By continually investing in new fuel-efficient vehicles, we maintain one of the most environmental friendly fleets in the Thames Valley region. In late 2012 we purchase a Hybrid dustcart that uses a large battery to power the dustcart. This significantly lowers fuel-emissions and also reduces noise levels. This vehicle will also be fitted with our new Pay-by-Weight hardware, making it the greenest dustcart in the Thames Valley.


To promote Select as sustainable business seeking continual improvement and ways to do this, we have put an emphasis on effective internal communication. At the early stages we provided training, seminars and workshops to explain our impacts and goals. To help segregate waste we designed our very own recycling station that would educate people on the separation of waste for recycling. Every six months we have an environmental progress audit with an environmental performance report being published annually.

We are also extending our sustainability efforts beyond our own business and workforce by promoting better waste management solutions to our clients. Our recycling station has also been rolled out to our clients to aid their efforts in becoming a more sustainable business.Above all, we believe that sustainability is a team game. Whether they are putting forward an idea for saving energy, developing a pollution control technology, our employees play a vital role in making Select a more sustainable business for the future.

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