When it comes to innovation within the waste management industry, Select Environmental Services is a market leader.

Being a local and successful independent waste management contractor, Select can take advantage of all the latest technological advantages in waste management because of the smaller operating areas and fleet size, compared to the large nationals. Having a smaller operating area and specialist fleet, means that investing in vehicle and software enhancements become affordable.

As an example of our innovation, Select were the first waste management company in the Thames Valley region to offer co-mingled (dry mixed) recycling collections, dynamic weighing and container identification system (Pay-by-Weight), environmental waste impact reporting and food waste recycling utilising Anaerobic Digestion.

Select are committed to the continual investment and evolution of our technology innovations to provide the best possible service to our clients and give us the winning edge over our competitors.


Select invested in state of the art weighting and container identification system that back in 2007. This system still out-performs newer systems on the market today. With the recent demand from commercial clients for Pay-by-Weight, many waste management companies are now seeking a Pay-by-Weight solution.

In answer to this Select has further invested into a leading European Pay-by-Weight system that is first and only of its kind within the UK. The difference between this system and many systems within the UK are:

  • The weighing system on each vehicle is calibrated to the British Standards.
  • Real-time data transfer from the vehicle to the computer server.
  • Records: Weight, container size, chip (container) number, waste type, time, date, client identification and location. Most of the UK systems just record a chip number and a weight.
  • State of the art software that can map out your collections, list all of your collections within a set time period, specify each collection with all its data and combine that data to give monthly or annual waste collection weights.
  • Provide 100% accurate, weights and measures accredited data for invoicing that is clear and transparent.

Environmental Impact Reports

Using waste collection data (both averages or Pay-by-Weight data), Select can produce environmental reports that tell you exactly how well your business is performing when it comes to recycling rates. With our new Pay-by-Weight you can be one of the first businesses with the UK to benefit from accurate weight statistics applied to your environmental reports. This is certainly a continual improvement for companies maintaining their UKAS ISO 14001 accreditation.


In 2007, Select became the first waste management company to offer co-mingled (dry mixed) recycling collections to businesses. Since then, Select has continued to build a network of partners that can process different types of waste for recycling.

Within Selects operating area there are waste management companies that can offer a single recycling solution that requires businesses to seek multiple companies to recycle their waste. Being one of the few waste management companies that can offer you a total waste management solution, Select can handle all of your waste and offer largest range of recycling solutions in our area.

Food Waste Recycling

Since 2009, it has become very popular to segregate food waste as new Anaerobic Digestion (AD) facilities are popping up around the UK. Before AD composting was the only option of dealing with food waste, but this method releases a huge amount of methane into our atmosphere that is 22 times more damaging than carbon dioxide. AD utilises methane by turning it into a bio-gas that can produce green energy and produce a nutrient rich bi-product that can be used as a natural fertilizer.

Select ventured into commercial food waste recycling servicing as soon as AD became available and are now providing this service to many supermarkets, restaurants, canteens, schools and universities throughout the South East and Thames Valley area.

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